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1.Please stop by the forum to post your raiding availability for Warlords.
2.Check out the guild contests coming up.
3.Post a shout out below. :)

Fated Succession is a casual but committed, friendly, progressive guild. We are a large but tight group of people focused on getting down new bosses and having fun doing it. This is an amazing community of guildies that help each other in every aspect of the game, leveling characters, professions, PVE, PVP, even foam sword fighting. While our main focus is raiding end game content, we also have arena teams, PVP groups, and often put together Achievement runs, mount runs, and lower level fun stuff. We have several different raid schedules to fit most needs and adapt as needed, this is a game after all and real life comes first.

Fated Succession welcomes all from any corner of the country, family, friends, clowns, and BAMF's, even an Orc or two, if you think you've got the skill and some personality please feel free to post in the recruit forum or contact us in game, so soon we may call you...Guildie!

Contacts in game on Frostwolf- Nikkix , Watuzzi

Boss Kills

Watuzzi 3/28/2014 6:49 AM
Nikkix 3/28/2014 6:36 AM
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